STIK is an association for inventors and innovators with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

As a STIK member you are entitled to counseling, information, seminars and other benefits free of charge. Read more under 'Om STIK'.
To become a member, fill out the application directly below on this page. The *-marked fields are mandatory!
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The membership fee should be paid, either to:
• Swedish BankGiro 5287-4054. Here is a downloadable BankGiro note. Enter "avgift" as subject plus your first- and family name. or
• STIKs IBAN-account: SE0560000000000348648618  [copy-and-paste, to get all digits right!]  Be sure to also submit your name!
SE05 6000 0000 0003 4864 8618  on paper form)

STIKs membership fee:

300/year or € 30/year or $30/year

STIK would like to wish you welcome as a member!
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